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35Hello World!

Models are coming in all sizes, and now all ages!

I am so excited about She’s Got the Look. This show is in its 2nd season and is being shown on TV Land hosted by former model Kim Alexis and legendary Supermodel Beverly Johnson acts as one of the judges.

While the show looks like a spoof of America’s Next Top Model, women 35 and older only need apply. It is very interesting to watch these older mature models get as catty as the younger model wannabe’s on ANTM. It just shows you the determination of these women as they fight for a modeling contract with Wilhelmina Models.

The show showcases women over 35 but let me tell you these women are gorgeous and have it going on. They have bodies similar to that of Demi Moore and Halle Berry who are both in their 40′s. The women on this show inspire me because they have life stories and families. Some of them were so focused on other things that prevented them from actually going after their dream of modeling until now.

With the influx of reality shows who knows the next one could be for full figured models or petite models. The sky is the limit but this is a good sign. The modeling industry is changing and it is about time. Take note and if you are 35 and older and think you have the look go for it!

As it relates to modeling, take care of your body now. Make sure you exercise, eat right and moisturize. These women have the bodies of twenty year olds. You only get one body so make it count!

Check out scenes from the 3 Seasons here


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