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What do all Video Vixens have in common? They all tend to be extremely curvy.

Most of these women have been surgically enhanced to massive proportions with butt implants or are taking butt injections. Lately there has been a butt craze going on and this fad is catching on like wildfire. I just don’t get it nor do I see the beauty of having a fake butt that you were not obviously born with.

Recently, I blogged about a product called Dime Curves after a subscriber asked my opinion of. I hadn’t heard of it and like anything, I tell people do your research first. Since then, I’ve learned of some other products that claim to enhance your bottom. Star Curves, Big Beautiful Butt Formula and Brand New Booty Pills are some on the ones to name a few.

For those of us who don’t want to take some medicine you can fake it by wearing the Booty Pop or Love My Bubbles. This may not work for some women because you really can’t pull it off if you plan on wearing a swimming suit.

It’s crazy cause I have a small waist and a round bottom and I have to be careful when I work out because I don’t want to enhance it. I try to stay away from the squats because that will only lift it even higher. When you are modeling, you have to list your stats (Bust, Waist, and Hips) on a comp card and some agencies won’t consider you if you are too curvy.

Video Vixens have quickly become attractive for aspiring models who quickly want to break into the industry. This form of modeling is new and hasn’t crossed over mainstream onto the fashion runways. Personally, I don’t think it ever will. Designers still prefer the women who are tall and thin. Women like Nicki Minaj, and Kim Kardashian are sought after because they are a brand and they can sell anything. You wouldn’t see either one of these women on a runway if they were not popular.

Just be careful in how you plan to achieve the Video Vixen Look if that is your goal! Countless women have died because they didn’t do their research and took the short and cheap route.

What are your thoughts on the butt  craze?



  1. I agree some what. But most women aren’t surgically enhanced. People are just so skeptical since a lot of girls are going under the knife. However, people tend to forget that black women, in paticular, have natural thickness in their genes.

    • Yes Michael…There is so truth to that. I just say whatever floats your boat and be your best at whatever that is.

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